Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ground Hog Day

09:00 CST Tuesday
Today is Ground Hog Day. I didn't see my shadow this morning but somehow that doesn't cheer me much. The weather isn't co-operating. It's not going to reach 48F here in Oklahoma City today, which means all this stuff isn't going to melt as fast:

The front that was forecast through tomorrow has grown fangs so my trip west on Route 66 isn't happening. (No desire to ride through a snowstorm, however badly I'd like to see the Grand Canyon in the winter.) Instead, I'll head directly south to Dallas (where it's a spring-like 55F), then southwest toward El Paso. Tonight will probably find me in Odessa, TX. Tomorrow I'll likely be slogging through two states worth of rain. But that's tomorrow. Right now, I'm off to Denny's next door, then to the BMW dealer to meet my new silver steed.