Monday, February 8, 2010

The Chill is Gone

I'm home. 3,202 miles, 7 days, 7 states and 2 major winter storms later I can say that I learned no profound truths, made no stupid riding errors, had only one bad meal ("IHOP" is NOT an acronym for "International House of Pot Roast") and destroyed just one back tire.

I rode some new roads, re-acquainted myself with some old ones, breathed the air of the plains, the desert, the ocean, the giant redwood forests and the mountains.

It was a great ride on a great motorcycle. On a map, it looks something like this:

On me, it looks like this:

Thanks for keeping me company! In a day or so when the laundry's done, the bills are tallied and I've caught up on my sleep, I'll give you my impressions of the 2002 BMW R1150RT that started all this.