Thursday, June 28, 2012

Universal Metric Fence Post

I didn't leave Watertown until 2:30 but the steering head is now adjusted properly, along with the clutch, front brake, handlebar angle, lever positions and mirrors. This bike now fits me.

The steering head work was a co-op effort, involving me, the woman who looks after the Budget One and a foot long piece of broken fence rail scrounged from under what's left of the motel's fence. She held the front wheel while I smacked the short 36 mm wrench with the fence post.

The tool BMW forgot, in action.

Are you sure that's good?" she asked when I stopped. "Loose steering is no good!". I assured her it was just right and we retired to the shade of the laundry room where she returned to folding sheets and I scrubbed up.

I thanked her for her help and she gave me a couple of tattered facecloths from the rag bin. "To keep that beautiful motorcycle clean", she said.

I'm in Faulkton now, for gas and Gatorade, on the way to Sturgis for the night. Not as hot as yesterday but plenty warm. Sturgis might be possible tonight but I'll make that decision later.

Lined up at the pumps in Faulkton.