Friday, June 29, 2012

Quiet as a Churchmouse

Serendipitously all the Harley guys left at the same time as I wandered back from breakfast, which was also when a useable patch of shade had melted into a BMW-sized puddle under the Super8's entryway.

The first job was to drop the float bowls and see what surprises might be in there. Both bowls were clean and had a measured fuel depth of 24 mm. Darn near perfect! For now, I'll assume the left carb is dripping because it needs a new float needle. I may replace them in Cody. I'm averaging 52 mpg so I don't think the carbs need much tending.

With two float bowls worth of gas in my Super8 coffee cup parts washer, I started on the clutch throw out bearing.

To my relief, everything looked as it should: good coating of oil on the bearing and bearing face of the thrust piston, healthy seal on the piston, no signs of overheating or unusual wear.

Super Lube Silcone Grease:
Don't leave home without it!
I cleaned and lubricated everything, reassembled it and adjusted the clutch (again!). I've no idea why I was getting a squeak every third or fourth clutch engagement but at least now I'm not going to worry about the throw out bearing.

I'm next door to the Sturgis BMW dealer where I'll mooch a squirt of grease for the clutch arm zerk and buy a new cotter pin.

After a quick lunch I'll head to Cody via Devil's Tower.